Walks from the Door

Symonds Yat Rock and Symonds Yat East Walks from the Door of the Rock B&B

1. Symonds Yat Rock and Symonds Yat East ( 3-7 miles) copies of this map available in the Breakfast room

Symonds Yat Rock this is a 25 minute walk through the woods and offers fantastic views of the river Wye meandering under the prominent point of Symonds Yat Rock (Gloucestershire). You can then go down to the river at Symonds yat East (Herefordshire) and if running use the hand ferry to cross to Symonds Yat West (Herefordshire) and walk along to Biblins Bridge then cross over. If the ferry is not running you stay on this side of the river to Biblins Bridge. From the Bridge follow one of our maps come back up to the rock B&B.

This is a 3-4 mile walk but can be extended to about 7 miles by going up to the Hill Fort on the other side of the valley (map in breakfast room).

2. Symonds Yat Rock via English Bicknor (4-8 miles)

This walk is a lovely walk and rarely done by visitors to the area, who tend to stay in the high meadow woods area which lies opposite the front of The Rock.

Ask to borrow a map for this one this walk, which takes you past English Bicknor Church (in the valley below) then through rolling hillside country following a short stretch of the original Offa’s dyke and on to the old railway bridge over the Wye but not over it for this walk. After walking along a lovely stretch of river you can then ascend up to Symonds Yat Rock from the West or go all the way round Huntsman Hill and join the walk above at Symonds Yat East

Walk is about 4-5 miles about 8 miles if you go to Symonds Yat East

Please ask to borrow a copy or our guide for this walk

3. The Rock B&B to Near Harkening Rock and down to the River Wye About three miles to the river with some steepish climbs

Near Harkening Rock Lies fairly deep in the Forest and offers great views across the High meadow woods. Just under the viewpoint lies a concave conglomerate rock formation. Apparently from here the Old Game Keepers would stand and listen for the amplified sound of game keepers below. Just below this Point Lies what is supposedly the largest loose boulder in the UK “Suck Stone”

This walk takes you along the Wysis way to near Harkening Rock then down to the river and either along to Monmouth or back to Biblins Bridge where you can go up to the Hill Fort mentioned above or back up to the Rock using the map mentioned in1. Above

NOTE the Wysis Way looks very easy on an OS map, it is actually extremely difficult and we strongly advise using one of our maps which rarely seems to fail people.

Please ask to borrow a copy or our guide for this walk

4. Buckstone  This is located near Staunton with views into south wales at time of writing we are working on writing up this walk

5. Three paths walk - a superb walk down the Wysis Way via near harkening Rock then instead of going down to the River as in 3 above go to The Kymin above Monmouth then to Monmouth or Redbrook using Offa’s Dyke. After having a look around Monmouth or a stop at the Boat Inn Redbrook walk back to the Rock B&B using the Wye valley walk.

Via Monmouth about 12 miles    Via Redbrook about 14 Miles

Please ask to borrow a copy or our guide for this walk

6. Coppett Hill another superb walk, If combined with walk 2. Above this adds another 7 miles or to the walk in 2. However most people would drive to Goodrich and complete this walk.

Please ask to borrow a copy or our guide for this walk

We also have a number of leaflet walks Published by the Wye Valley ANOB, Local tourist association or wildlife organisations.