Wye Valley Walks

See Chris and Lindy for details of all the wye valley walks walks detailed below we either have laminated sheets a leaflet or guide book detailing the walk which we can lend you.

The Lower Wye valley stretches from Monmouth to Chepstow and is only a short 15 minute drive from the Rock B&B. walking in the Wye valley allows you to explore the gorge which in places offers sdome of the highest inland cliffs in the country.

Places not to miss

The Kymin either by foot on one of our walks or by car following the sign from the Staunton to Monmouth road. The Kymin is National Trust and offers fantastic views of south Wales.

Monmouth Lord Nelson museum.

Monmouth interesting with some good restaurants.

The Boat Inn at Red Brook. The Car park is on the East bank and the Pub is on the West bank of the Wye. Use the Foot bridge along the side of the old railway bridge. This is a local pub as it was 50 years ago although the prices have changed! Real ales, 16 ciders from the barrels and country wines.

Brock weir – Moravian church and pleasant riverside walks (Offas Dyke Path).

The Old station – with walks to Brockweir and Tintern.

Tintern Abbey.

Wye Valley Walks.

Rather than one long walk of 15 mile or so we suggest a series of shorter walks to explore the area.

From the Walk this Wye Publication (available for loan).

Trellech treasures -  1 mile walk Trellech once the largest medieval city in Wales.

Nine wells Farm circular Walk 4.5 KM walk published by the Monmouth Shire council Ask chris and Lindy for details we can loan you.

 Redbrook Ramble 4.5 miles  circular walk from Redbrook to Newland The Ostrich Inn at Newland is a great place for lunch - but not such good value as the Boat Inn. Newland is the Home of the “cathedral of the forest” the largest church in the Forest.  

Redbrook to Monmouth via the Kymin  walk 21 Jarrold pathfinder publication  a 7 mile walk with some strenuous sections but great views!


St Brivals and Hewelsfield 8.5 mile walk, walk 28 from Jarrold pathfinder publication  Walking from Brock weir to St Brivals The publishwalk starts from St Brivals but there is no reason not to start from brockweir.

Brockweir delight 4.5 mile walk from Lower Wye walk Publication (available on loan) Ramble 10.

From the Walks around Tintern booklet (available on Loan).

Boat builders of Brockweir walk 2 miles from the Old station Brockweir this was once an important boat building centre and it was rather raucous with drinking, gambling and friendly Ladies! The Morovian church was built to help the villagers mend their ways. It is now a lovely little village.

Monks Walk  3 mile walk to include the Moravian Church and old station and offers views of Tintern Abbey. The starting point is the old station.  

Tintern and three walks to see fine cliff Views.

The Devils Pulpit walk 22 Jarrold pathfinder publication  a 6.5 mile walk with great views.

Saint Arvans roundabout walks series of walks published by the Monmouthshire council this covers walks to the Eagles Nest view point.

Tidenham chase and Wintours Leap is the third walk offering spectacular cliff views. Mr Wintour  actually Sir john Wintour is supposed to have jumped from the cliff, some say on horse back, to escape the roundheads during the civil war.

Chepstow offers the castle and some good places to eat.