Many consider The Self Catering Accommodation at the Rock in Coleford a rather special place to stay. It is located on the out skirts of Coleford and has miles of woodland tracks to the front of the property and miles of rolling country side with extensive views to the rear. Once a pub it now offers award winning stylish Coleford Self catering Studios.P1000902 (1024x1024)

The Studio Accommodation  is located in the Skittle alley of the former Pub. From here views from the 600ft location are spectacular.
The two Luxure self catering studios Have private out door space with seating

The Forest View Cottage is located in the former site of the old stables adjoining the main building.
All forest view rooms have their own direct access.

The centre is only 3 miles from the Rock  and is a small market town. The Rock B&B at Hillersland in Coleford was originally built around the time of the Spanish Armada as a country hostelry although it is now completely modernised and offers modern stylish bed and breakfast accommodation.
Location of a Battle during the English Civil War
The Town was involved in skirmishes during the civil war culminating in a Battle  in 1643 when Welsh Royalist forces overwhelmed the Parlimentarian defenders of the town.
The kings head hotel was alleged to be the site where a royalist officer was shot.
Development of Steel Making process
This area  has a great industral heritage as it was here the process for making steel was discovered in the 1800's.
White Cliff Furnace
Just half a mile out of Coleford was the White Cliff Iron works. The White Cliff furnace can still be seen just off the road. This is one of the first coke blast furnaces in the country.
Just above the furnace lies the original tram way which went through Broadwell and onto May Hill in Monmouth.
Robert Mushet
Robert Mushet was a Metallurgist who was initially associated with the White Cliff works but later established the Dark Hill Ironworks at near by Gorsty Knoll.  He was the first person to refine the Bessemer process for making steel. Until this time railway lines were made of cast Iron which needed replacing every 6 weeks or so, but steel rails opened the world up to railways.
Dennis Potter and Berry Hill
On the outskirts of town lies Berry Hill and Christchurch which is just a mile from away and this was the birth place of the playwright Dennis Potter and where he attended school till moving to the local Grammar School.
Forestry Commission
The town is the location of the main South West Forestry Commission offices where some useful information can be found here for tourists.
Tourist information
Since closure of the Local Tourist information centres. The Council offices are now the source for information on tourists to the area. Although The Rock produce much of their own tourist information to help guests get the most from their visit
Since 1947 Ribena has been made by Glaxo Smithkline (GSK) in their modern production plant close to the town centre.
Ribena was the first "Welfare Food" to be distributed by the wartime Ministry of Food. Oranges and other exotic fruits rich in vitamin C were difficult to get during the war the entire UK crop of blackcurrants were harvested and turned into syrup for distribution by the war ministry.

Royal charter
Coleford was given a Royal Charter by Charles the 2nd in 1665.