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The Rock Self Catering Accommodation in the Forest of Dean offers centrally located accommodation ideally located for visiting the sights and enjoying this wonderful part of the country.
The Forest of Dean forms a roughly triangular plateau bounded by Gloucester to the east, the River Wye to the west and north-west, the River Severn to the south and Herefordshire to the north. The Forest of Dean is characterised by roughly 3 miles of mixed woodland and is considered a great tourist attraction, with stunning walks, attractions and even the legendary puzzlewood which has just been filmed in the latest Star Wars - The Force Awakens. There's a huge amount of history from the Romans to the Medieval period and beyond that, The Forest of Dean remains one of the last remaining forests in Britain today.
The Forest of Dean has many wild boar, which were illegally re-introduced into the Forest in 2006. The exact number of boar population is unknown but exceeds a hundred.

Where to visit and what to do!-

To help you explore the 23,000 acres of forest, why  not check out one of our guided drives or our comprehensive list of things to do varying from gentle walks to Rock climbing and all sorts of things in between.

Where to stay?
The Forest of Dean is much smaller than most people think so almost any location is as central as the other if you are planning to tour the forest. The center of the Forest  is about 3 miles from the Rock at Speech house with the most popular tourist attraction of Symonds Yat Rock just a 20 minute walk away.

Getting around - The main attractions are within very easy reach of The Rock B&B by car or Bike. Public Transport is a little trickier but details of local bus routes can be seen for bus no 30 on the Gloucester to Coleford route here (Note the Christchurch stop is just at the top of the road and we have collected people arriving by public transport from here in the past)
See Forest of Dean Bus routes

History - The area is thought to have derived its name from Mitcheldean so it was the Forest of Mitcheldean, shortened to the Forest of Dean. Long before the Norman invasion the forest stretched from Tewksbury to Chepstow and 50 years before the Norman invasion the forest was seized by the crown to create a royal hunting ground. Today the  Forest  in Gloucestershire is the UK's largest Oak forest, an enchanting place of natural beauty and peace.

First National Park - The area  was designated as the first National Forest Park in 1938 due to its potential for out door leisure.

The Forest of Dean is a working forest

The Forest of Dean is a working forest

The forest is actually made up of several woods, the one opposite The Rock B&B is Mailscot Woods. This wood continues from just opposite the Rock B&B down the sides of the Wye Valley. The Limestone Cliffs down the side of the valley are part of a Site of Special Scientific interest.

Napolionic Oaks:- The 700 hectare Cannop Valley Nature Reserve comprising Cannop Ponds, Russell Inclosure and Nags Head nature reserve is famous for its broad leaf woodlands which make up the larger part of the reserve. The Oak trees are a result of Nelson ordering the replanting of trees taken for ship building during the Napoleonic wars. These trees are known as Napoleonic oaks.
Tip Car parking at Cannop ponds is Free and the start of several trails to explore the woods.

BEWARE of The sheep have the right to graze in the forest  and they can be a hazard for drivers so please take care.

The Forest of Dean Location

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